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 Les 1000 Pegaso 3055 + les 200 Pegaso 3046

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MessageSujet: Les 1000 Pegaso 3055 + les 200 Pegaso 3046   Sam 31 Oct 2009 - 22:34

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Pegaso models 3050, 3055 and 7323 (6 x 6) 6,000 kg trucks (Spain), Trucks

Shortly after the introduction of the Pegaso 3045 series of (4 × 4) trucks in the late 1960s, early 1970s, the larger (6 × 6), 10,000 kg payload Pegaso 3050 truck was introduced. This was followed in the early 1980s by the enhanced Pegaso 3055, and in March 1982 it was announced that the Pegaso 3055 was to be the standard 6,000 kg off-road truck chassis for all three Spanish armed services.The Pegaso 3055 was produced in the following versions: medium truck; medium fuel tanker; medium water tanker; heavy crane; medium tipper truck; firefighting vehicle; tractor; van body for workshops, stores, refrigerated bodies and so on. A tractor truck for use as a heavy equipment transporter was also produced. The type has also been used as an artillery tractor, and the base chassis acts as the resupply and mounting vehicle for the 14 Teruel artillery rocket launcher systems (full details of which can be found in Jane's Armour and Artillery) supplied to the Spanish Army. The final production version in this series was the longer wheelbase Model 7323.. The Model 7323 replaced the Model 3055 in production in 1987 (the prototype was completed in 1986) and during 1987 and 1988 more than 1,000 units were delivered to Morocco. The Model 7323 was produced as an artillery tractor, fuel or water tanker, recovery vehicle with a crane, mobile workshop, ambulance, firefighting vehicle, tipper and as a multiple rocket launcher carrier. Other known users of models 3050, 3055 and

The cab of the 6 × 6 models is the same as that used on the 4 × 4 models. It has a canvas hood as standard with an optional metal top. The cab has seating for the driver and one passenger and, if required, the hood can be removed and the windscreen folded forward over the short bonnet. The main load-carrying area is at the rear and on the standard cargo/personnel body there is bench seating for 30.The original Model 3050 was powered by a 170 hp diesel engine. The follow-on Model 3055 could have either a 200 or 220 hp diesel engine, with the latter selected for use with the Spanish armed forces. The final model in this series, the Model 7323, is powered by a Pegaso 225 hp naturally aspirated diesel engine.Optional extras for the series included: a hardtop cab, power take-off, run-flat tyres and a 4,500 or 6,000 kg capacity winch.

Les Pegaso des FAR



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Les 1000 Pegaso 3055 + les 200 Pegaso 3046
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