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 La Simulation dans les FAR / Moroccan Army Simulation Systems

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MessageSujet: La simulation dans les Forces Armées Royales   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 22:31

Simulateur pour nos Beechcraft King Air :

Citation :
King Air 100/200


Qualified at FTD level 2 (EASA standards).


Royal Moroccan Air Force (RMAF).


The twin-engine KA100/200 (Beechcraft King Air 100/200) flight simulator developped by 6MOUV comply with FTD level 2 EASA standards.
The objective is to train professional pilots to acquire the qualification (type rating) on the aircraft and to maintain their competence.
Combined with a FNPT 2/MCC (EASA standards) qualification, this simulator allows pilots to get the corresponding credit hours for IR qualification, MCC qualification, Type rating and recurrent training.
The cockpit of the simulator is a replica of the real aircraft, which can be modified into two different versions of the King Air (King 100 or King 200).
In addition, the simulator has a high visual quality, with high-resolution scenes, very immersive visual effects and a large number of 3D objects.

- Flight controls and aircraft dynamics : Experiencing takeoff, climb, descent, landing, turns, aircraft behavior and aircraft reaction to controls.
- Emergency procedures : Complete various emergency procedures, such as instrument failure, engine and fuel failure, radio-navigation malfunctions, gear and flaps malfunctions and sensory illusions.
- VFR and IFR procedures : use of radio-navigation means (VOR, DME, ILD, DME, ADF, GPS), practice radio communications (ATC, ATIS, ...), training for VFR and IFR navigation.

Technical features
- Controls : Double flight controls, autopilot
- Radio panel : Com, Nav, ADF & transponder.
- Audio panel : Com, Nav, ADF, DME, SPKR & MPKR.
- Dashboard King 100 pilot : Airspeed, Compass, Turn bank, Artificial horizon, OMI, HSI, Altimeter, Vertical speed, Itt, Torque, RPM Prop, RPM %, Fuel & oil flow.
- Dashboard King 100 copilot : Airspeed, Compass, Cabin air, Artificial horizon, Turn rate, Vertical speed, OMI, HSI, Altimeter.
- Dashboard King 200 pilot : Autopilot warning, OMI, Airspeed, Artificial Horizon, RMI, Altimeter, Torque, RMP %, Fuel & Oil flow, Turn bank, Radio indicator, Propeller sync, Vertical speed, HSI, Itt, RPM prop.
- Dashboard King 200 copilot : Autopilot warning, OMI, Airspeed, Artificial horizon, RMI, Turn bank, DME, Altimeter, Vertical speed, HSI.

- Detailed visual cues : Realistic reproduction of numerous flight conditions in real time (IFR, weather conditions, system failures)
- 3D Objects : Specific 3D modeling of visual objects to allow VFR navigation.
- Instructor Operator Station (IOS) : Designed to control all instructional functions : weather conditions, environment, trajectory control on en-route, approach and airport charts, day/night transition, repositioning and simulated aircraft malfunctions.
- Superior pedagogical tool : Recording of the entire training session for interactive and customized debriefings.


Visual :

- Terrain : 2.5m for high resolution areas. Can be improved to 60cm on some specific zones.
- 3D Visual Clues : oil rigs, wind turbines, pipelines, specific buildings, bridges, chimneys, industrial plants, power transformers, malls, tolls, rivers, roads, railways, motorways, forests, lakes, specific buildings...
- Superior rendering : resolution, reflections, smokes, clouds, lighting...


"  "تِلكَ الدَّارُ الآخِرَةُ نَجْعَلُها لِلَّذينَ لا يُريدُونَ عُلُوًّا فِي الأَرْضِ ولا فَسَادًا"
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MessageSujet: Re: La Simulation dans les FAR / Moroccan Army Simulation Systems   Mar 18 Aoû 2015 - 14:18

Les eleves sous off du cours Auto-Engins Blindés à l'Ecole Royale du Matériel ont réalisé un nouveau simulateur d'injection électronique

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La Simulation dans les FAR / Moroccan Army Simulation Systems
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