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 Armée Népalaise

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Inscrit le : 14/09/2009
Localisation : paris
Nationalité : France
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MessageSujet: Armée Népalaise   Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Icon_minitimeJeu 1 Oct 2009 - 17:33

Rappel du premier message :

Découvrons cette armée inconnue au bataillon! Ils disposeraient donc d'une armée de l'air modeste, je vais essayer d'approfondir pour l'armée de terre.

Site de l'armée Népalaise:

Armée de l'air:

¤ Y-7 2
¤ M28 Skytruck 2
¤ SC-7 Skyvan 3M 1
¤ BN-2T Defender 2
¤ HS-748 Andover 1
¤ Lancer 10
¤ Mi-17 Hip-H 4
¤ SA-330C Puma 2
¤ AS-332L Super Puma 1
¤ Dhruv 4
¤ AS-350B Ecureuil 1
¤ Chetak 2
¤ Bell 206L Long Ranger 2

Je suis aller sur le site de l'armée népalaise, si il y a des anglophones, pouvez vous nous extirper les principales informations? Je sais qu'il y a google trad, mais j'ose pas vous sortir le résultat que j'ai eu de cette "trad"! lol


Generals command all the Support Directorates. Field Artillery, Air
Defense Artillery, Engineers and Signals have their own Directorates.
Each Directorate is responsible for the training, posting and promotion
of personnel other than commissioned officers. Each Director is also
responsible to advise the COAS on matters pertaining to his respective

The developments of the various Combat Support Arms in the Nepalese Army are elaborated below:


is an arm that combines fire power with mobility, giving the commander
flexibility in planning and executing his operations. It is
characterized by it ability to provide a decisive shock effect. Its
ability to conduct rapid maneuver to secure a position of advantage,
coupled with its devastating firepower under the protection of its
armour, plays a vital role in gaining initiative in modern warfare.
This arm plays a key role in dislocating the enemy's defenses. At the
same time, it provides the direct means by which the Army can achieve
the destruction of the enemy's will to fight. Therefore it is both a
strategic and a tactical arm, depending upon its employment. Yuddha
Kawach Battalion, commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel, is the only
completely armoured regiment in the Nepalese Army.


primary role of the Artillery is to deliver timely, accurate and
effective fire in support of the maneuvering forces in order to help
accomplish the mission. As the Artillery is an indirect fire support
system, the gunners at the weapons do not need to see the targets in
order to engage fire. The forward observers as well as elements of
target acquisition units provide the locations of the targets. This
information is then passed to the command post that commands and
controls the weapons delivering the fire. The Directorate of Artillery,
commanded by a Brigadier General, is responsible for providing
artillery support in the Nepalese Army. Currently in the Nepalese Army,
employs two branches of Artillery - the Field Artillery and the Air
Defense Artillery.

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Rajdal%20Battalion%20Logo

Field Artillery

History of Field Artillery in Nepal dates back to 1901 BS, in the reign
of King Rajendra Bikram Shah, when Rajdal "Paltan" was established with
the responsibility of the safe keeping and maintenance of canons used
during the warfare of that era. During the reorganization of the
Neplaese Army in 2009 BS, the Rajdal "Paltan" was renamed the Mountain
Battery. In 2012 BS, the Rajdal Mountain Battery was again renamed to
Rajdal "Paltan". In the year 2023 BS, while modernising the Nepalese
Army, 4.2 inch Battery packs were inducted into the Rajdal "paltan" and
the "paltan" was renamed to Rajdal Battalion, hence initiating the
establishment of Field Artillery component within the Nepalese Army. In
the year 2031 BS, increment in Field artillery weaponry systems of the
Rajdal Battalion was made by adding 120 mm Mortar Battery (Towed). In
the year 2041 BS, the 120 mm Mortar Battery (Towed) was replaced by the
British 105 mm Howitzer (Towed). During the process of updating the
Nepalese Army, 105 mm Light Field Guns were availed to the Rajdal
Battalion by India in the year 2061 BS. The motto of the Battalion
translates to "Work without expecting returns."

the Rajdal Battalion is under the Directorate of Filed Artillery. There
are 3 Field Artillery Battalions including the Rajdal Battalion and 2
independent Light Batteries in the Nepalese Army.

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 AD%20Directorate

Air Defense

history of Air Defence in Nepal is about two decades old. During the
process of modernizing the Nepalese Army, it was realized that the
Nepalese Army was lacking one of the most important combat support
organs of modern era, an Air Defense Artillery. An Air Defence
Artillery organ was extremely essential for securing the air space of
the nation. Decision was made by the then Government of Nepal to equip
the Nepalese Army with Air Defence Artillery.

team of 25 Army personnel including Officers, Junior Oficers and NCO’s
were sent to China in order to receive training on weapons and other
various aspects of Air Defence Artillery. After this team returned to
Nepal, it conducted various trainings at Panchkhal with a view to
provide knowledge on Air Defence Artillery to other personnel of the
Nepalese Army, using Chinese Air Defence weapons. After rigorous study
and planning, Air Defence weapons and equipments were acquired by the
Nepalese Government from China and establishment of an Air Defense
Battalion took place on the 6th of July 1988. This same Air Defense
Battalion was later named as Jadadal Battalion on the 31st of May 1991.

the 15th of June 1990, a brigade was established by the then Government
in order to command the Field Artillery and Air Defence Artillery
organs of the Nepalese Army. However, a separate scope and Directorate
for the Defense Artillery was felt necessary by the then Government
which resulted in the separation of Air Defence Artillery from the 13
Brigade and formation of an Air Defence Directorate on the 4th of
December 2003.

order to train personnel, produce qualified manpower for the operation
and maintenance of weapons and equipments and for the production of
future instructors, an Artillery Training Center within the premises of
the Directorate of Air Defense Artillery has been established.


Combat Engineers are highly versatile and skilled professionals capable
of employing state-of-the-art machinery to deliver responsive engineer
support to the Army. The Combat Engineers are an indispensable force in
the battlefield because they provide Army with mobility,
counter-mobility and survivability to overcome the enemy.

the Army needs to go, the Combat Engineers are the first, paving the
way for the rest of the Army. They convert the 'No Go' terrain to 'Go'
terrain (Mobility) by bridging gaps and clearing minefields to
facilitate speedy advance of forces into the enemy's depth in order to
secure a swift and decisive victory. With their earth moving
capabilities, they construct trenches, drainage systems, roads and
other related infrastructure to enhance the survivability of troops
during operations. The Directorate of Engineer commanded by a Brigadier
General provide all engineering expertise to the Nepalese Army.


are no longer fought with military hardware alone. Modern communication
system has become a new and exciting dimension for the Army's Signal
Formation. They operate with modern information systems that facilitate
the information flow that synchronize the maneuvers, firepower,
intelligence and logistics of the Army. The Directorate of Signals
commanded by a Brigadier General is responsible for organizing reliable
and effective communication network.

Quelques images:

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Ranger10

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Pradhan-senapati-visit

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 24tif

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 00000010

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Naa1

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 1568406

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 0590054

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 344606tlc_acdz

Ces gifs animés proviennent du mangas "Les chevaliers du zodiaques: the lost canvas".
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General de Division
General de Division

messages : 39938
Inscrit le : 20/10/2010
Localisation : france
Nationalité : France
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MessageSujet: Re: Armée Népalaise   Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Icon_minitimeLun 6 Fév 2023 - 22:49

Citation :

Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Nepal_NAAW_M28_NA-048_VNKT_01Mar12_Alex_van_der_Goot_640

M28 Skytrucks for Nepal Army Air Wing

On 3 February 2023, PZL-Mielec has been awarded a USD 30 million contract to supply the Nepal Army Air Wing with two M28 Skytrucks. The two Block 05 aircraft will be delivered under US FMS funding by the end of April 2025. The deal also includes aircraft training, a spares package, medical equipment, six months of field service and ferry flights.

Based in Kathmandu the new Skytrucks will join two other Skytrucks that were supplied by the USAF in 2019. The Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) capabilities of the M28 are ideal for the high altitude, and short runways of Nepal. Some 20 years ago the first two M28s were donated to Nepal by the Polish Air Force. One of these, serial NA-048, crashed in May 2017 and the other, serial NA-041, has been withdrawn from use.

Ever since Lockheed Martin acquired Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (which owns the PZL-Mielec factory), marketing of the Skytruck has increased. About ten aircraft are annually produced and military users include countries such as Indonesia, Jordan, Poland, Venezuela and Vietnam.

The US Air Force Special Operations Command used the M28 under local designation C-145A mainly between 2009 and 2015 with a few examples that soldiered on till December 2022.

Photo (just illustrative) by Alex van der Goot (Scramble Archive)

M28 Skytrucks for Nepal Army Air Wing (

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2eme classe
2eme classe

messages : 3
Inscrit le : 23/02/2023
Localisation : France
Nationalité : France

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MessageSujet: Re: Armée Népalaise   Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Icon_minitimeMer 1 Mar 2023 - 18:52

L'un des 4  Mi-17 qui sont en service dans le Nepalese Army Air Service.
Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Proxy-10
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General de Division
General de Division

messages : 39938
Inscrit le : 20/10/2010
Localisation : france
Nationalité : France
Médailles de mérite :
Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Unbena32Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Unbena24
Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Unbena25Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Unbena26
Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Cheval10Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Unbena15
Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Medail10

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MessageSujet: Re: Armée Népalaise   Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Icon_minitimeMer 1 Nov 2023 - 21:30

Citation :
Defence Decode®

Nepalese Army'S Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), Dhruv.
Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Ffc8lq10
Armée Népalaise - Page 2 E5-0lb10

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MessageSujet: Re: Armée Népalaise   Armée Népalaise - Page 2 Icon_minitime

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Armée Népalaise
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